About us

Jun Han

Jun comes from a family of acupuncturists, where buddhist values and traditional asian culture marked his early life. He has worked in various clinics and cities for the last 10 years. He is also a yoga instructor, martial artist and circus artist.

Dana Ienea

Dana is a super skilled manual therapist, acupuncturist and yogi. Her innate loving nature matches brilliantly with our taoist spirit at Casa Tao. She is an animal lover and great PR.


Steve has a long experience organising international events and fairs until one day he decided to change his busy modern life for a more slow paced life closer to nature. He is the most welcoming host at Casa Tao and upcoming great yogi.


Desideria is a freelance photographer and the social media specialist at Casa Tao. She has a clear understanding of the current zeitgeist, which makes her the perfect bridge between the spirit of Casa Tao and the ever changing tastes of our guests.