Learn more about your health with us!

This is an unique retreat offering daily yoga sessions, traditional chinese medicine teaching and thai massage workshops.

This season we offer five 6-day retreats that start the following dates:

22nd of May

1st, 12th and 24th of June

5th of July

Retreats include: a daily yoga session in the morning, two traditional Chinese medicine classes, two thai massage workshops, a daily evening yoga session and two visits to explore the surroundings of Sierra Calderona.

Orientative schedule:

7:00 AM morning yoga session

9:00 Breakfast

10:30 traditional Chinese medicine class

13:00 lunch

14.30 Free time

16:00 Thai massage workshop

18:30 afternoon yoga

20:00 dinner

21:00 Free time

22-23: 00 Bedtime

We also offer different types of treatment:

Tuina massage

Thai massage

Foot reflexology

Acupuncture of five elements

Treatment with traditional Chinese medicine